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Motherhood. I believe one of the most rewarding acts is to lay down ones life for a child.

Raising children is amazing. It teaches me both patience and efficiency. It teaches me humility and gratitude. It teaches me to be a voice for the voiceless in our community and on this globe for the sake of someone else’s daughter. It teaches me to choose my battles between necessities and preferences, between morality and just having gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. It teaches me the unconditional, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient love of God. Parenthood is soooo stinkin’ hard and yet it is the single most important thing that I will give my life to.

And let me tell you, for a driven, success and goal oriented momma that’s not the easiest thing todo or say.

But even though my zeal for success and excellence in business and ministry is at the forefront of my mind, the passion to see my children succeed and be launched as arrows into the future trumps it all.

So here’s to the sleepless nights, a hurting body, questions upon questions, kisses, Disney character bandaids, prayer for protection, laughs, temper tantrums, sassiness, and yes even prayer for the stuffed animals, gazillion cuddles, silly conversations, giggles in the back seat, melted chocolates in the purse, messy bath times, nursery rhymes (that half the time seriously make no sense at all), and falling into bed utterly and completely, exhausted… because these little humans are worth it ALL!

Tanja has a heart for reaching the lost, is passionate about seeing women become who God has designed them to be and seeing a generation discover their destiny and walk in victory. Having been a widow herself, her messages of life, purpose and victory in the midst of adversity are encouraging and are rallying a generation to reach the lost and brokenhearted. Read more...

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