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An Ignite Europe Devotional by Tanja Brann

“There he is, always here, or nowhere.” 

—Oswald Chambers

The church bell rings. It is six o’clock in the morning. With each step, the soles of her high heel boots make a new print into the fresh powder snow that is so beautifully covering the cobble stones. The sun is slowly peeking over the snow-covered mountains on the horizon. The trees look like crystal masterpieces as the sun’s rays gently dance around the snowflakes. 

She keeps running in her heels, breath visible in the freezing air and holding tightly to her half-finished chocolate croissant and bag filled with books. Finally, she makes it to the train station and boards seconds before the whistle blows. 

That woman in the description above, well, that would be me. Yes, that was a typical morning for me in my college years. Nothing ever closed during ice or snow. Nope, it was the way of life, and honestly, I absolutely loved it. OK, maybe I didn’t always love barely making it on the train at the very last minute; blame it on my fondness of sleep in the mornings. But once I made it out the door, there was nothing more refreshing to me than getting up very early on a cold winter day and being one of the first people on the walkway at the crack of dawn. 

No matter what was awaiting me that day, I felt like I was on top of the world, believing I could conquer anything—high heels and all. 

Even though that season of my life was marked with a lot of pain and confusion, it was right there in those very early and cold mornings where God really taught me that his mercy is truly new in the morning and that his love is steadfast and never ceases. His presence was incredibly tangible. The sun rays full of his glory. I knew that I knew that he was with me. I may have doubted it the night before and had a gazillion questions as tears streamed down my face, but in the mornings all those doubts and negative thoughts ceased as I saw his glory fill the whole earth on those quiet mornings. I often go back to those moments and meditate on these words, “The whole earth is filled with his glory” (Isaiah 6:3). Oh, how absolutely beautiful, life-giving, and peace-infusing this one sentence is if we let it. 

You see, it’s easy to let the storms of life, the storms of our sphere, the storms of this world steal our focus. Especially right now in 2021, as everything that can be shaken is being shaken. I said steal because I think distract is too gentle of a word to really describe what happens. The bible says that the devil steals, not distracts. When we lose sight of this fact through watered down words like distract, we lose focus. You may know that my life slogan I try to live by is, “Train Hard. Fight Easy.” If we stop training hard, if we stop meditating on his word day and night, then the enemy can easily steal our wonder of the word of God. We stop studying it, we stop making it a part of ourselves, and our feet start slipping. Once that happens, it’s easy to lose perspective and think God is absent. We may even try to relieve our fears and our hidden sadness with our personal philosophies that are apart from God, but with no avail.

We are used to standing in our NOW and look back by faith to see the past filled with God. We look forward and see Him inhabiting our future; but our NOW is uninhabited except for ourselves. We think of ourselves as inhabiting a parenthetical interval between the God who was and the God who will be and we find ourselves as being lonely in this universe”. 

—A.W. Tozer

When I read this for the first time it was like a bucket of cold water was thrown in my face. It hit home. When we forget that God is in the NOW, it creates one big chaotic mess that is in dire need of a simple and powerful solution. Basically, we need to correct our thinking. The bible says that as a man thinks so he is (Proverbs 23:7). Back to the training ground, where we open the word of God and word-by-word meditate on what Jehova Nissi, the Lord who reigns in victory, says. 

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.

—Colossians 1:15–18

He holds the first place in everything. He is the first-born over all creation. He has defeated all of hell. He is standing his ground, and nothing and no one can move him off first place. The whole earth is filled with his glory, no matter what any news platform says. That should give us some confidence in the victory power of the Most High God! 

“God, the eternal one, only he could stand in the timeless I AM. The essential unity of God’s nature, the timeless persistence of His changeless being throughout eternity and time. There is both fear and wonder in the thought. Here we begin to see and feel the eternal continuum.” 

—A.W. Tozer

We gain the knowledge of this truth in our hearts during our time on the training ground studying God’s word. And when we grasp the wonder of it, we begin to declare things in our lives and have faith for them. 

When we begin to think again, when we know deep within that in Jesus himself all things are created and have their being and that God himself is an unbroken continuum—like a rushing gushing river to our left, to our right, behind us, and before us—means we are ALWAYS right smack in the middle of the river, constantly surrounded by his presence, then we can stand our ground and have hope and faith and laugh at our future. 

I want to challenge you to study and meditate on the word of God day and night. It is healing to all our flesh and health to all our bones. It is sharper than any two-edged sword. It is powerful. And will transform your thinking to that of a victorious warrior as you study it and continue to walk through life. Faith has to be built on the solid ground that is the unbroken continuum—God. So when we find ourselves in a battle—when the storms of life come our way, when the world seems at the brink of war, when nations seem to be falling, when world systems seem to be collapsing, when our families are facing giants—then we will not waver. We will stand firm, fully knowing that we serve Jehova Nissi, the Lord who reigns in victory, the Great I Am, Alpha and Omega, he who was, he who will be, and he who IS right here and right now. 

Personal Reflection

What is an area in your life where you see a lack that needs to be infused with scripture? If you need healing, create a list of healing scriptures. If you need financial provision, create a list of scriptures of provision. Whatever the need, find scriptures pertaining to it, create a list, read them out loud daily like medicine, memorize them, and make them part of you. Then be ready for your life to begin to be filled with the wonder of God. 

Tanja has a heart for reaching the lost, is passionate about seeing women become who God has designed them to be and seeing a generation discover their destiny and walk in victory. Having been a widow herself, her messages of life, purpose and victory in the midst of adversity are encouraging and are rallying a generation to reach the lost and brokenhearted. Read more...

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